Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is manufactured from 100% wood waste impregnated with a resin. The décor layer is a photographic applique onto paper with an aluminium oxide overlay applied as the wear layer. This laminate manufacturing technique is used to replicate solid wood (and sometimes natural stones) for a product that costs a fraction of the price of real wood. It has grown to become one of the most popular materials for home and office flooring in recent years.


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However, Laminate Flooring is a relatively easy DIY project you can do by yourself as well. They are packaged and presented with grooves that click into each other, as a result the planks can easily be laid without much hassle. Additionally, they require no nails and screws as the flooring is a “floating floor” system installed on top of the subfloor.

Prior to laying the boards, it’s important to ensure that the subfloor surface is level, firm and completely dry. It is a requirement that a acoustic underlay with moisture barrier is installed beneath the boards. Due to the fact that wood expands, an expansion gap of a minimum 10mm should be left around all the edges where the floor meets the walls and all vertical obstacles