How to clean laminate flooring

Spring is always a good time to clean your home and bring in the freshness of a new season.

Most people may wonder how to go about cleaning laminate flooring. Are there special cleaning products, is there a certain mop and should I use water?

Cleaning a laminate floor is easy and effortless as long as you have the right cleaning products. “Laminate flooring has a non-porous surface. It is sealed and therefore does not trap dust or allow for the breeding of dust mites. ” says Helen Marshall, marketing manager for Floors Direct.

A laminate floor is extremely durable and can handle almost any stains, spills and dirt. Therefore it  is very easy to clean. Dirt and dust can be quickly and completely removed from the smooth surface with a microfiber mop, broom, vacuum cleaner or damp cloth. Keeping the floor in an absolutely clean and perfect hygienic condition.

Another advantage is that laminates offer clean design lines. Making the surface seem fresh and bright, giving the impression of a spotless floor and a tidy space.

Cleaning laminate flooring

Do not use abrasive cleaners, ammoniac or water to clean the laminate as this will damage the surface. To maintain the lustre and remove stubborn marks such as glue, paint, tar chewing gum and permanent marker pens. Make use of a non-abrasive cleaner stocked by flooring professionals.

Varnishing or waxing the floor is not necessary as this treatment will affect the intrinsic properties of the laminate. “To avoid marks on your laminate, use felt pads under furniture and soft rubber castors on chairs and place door mats or dust traps in areas such as halls and entrances,” says Marshall.

Thanks to laminate flooring, keeping your home clean and tidy this spring is an easy task. It is also a great flooring option because you can have the beautiful look of hardwood without the extra maintenance.

If you don’t already own a laminate floor, why not consider having one installed to give any room a fresh, new look? Today, we are spoilt for choice with the wide variety of laminate flooring options available – there is a plethora of various colours, textures and sizes to choose from.

Benefits of laminate flooring

There are many benefits to laminate flooring, says Jose Dos Passos, managing director for Floors Direct. “Resilience, value-for-money and fashionable colour options are all part of the laminate package, making it a very popular flooring choice.”

Unlike other floor coverings, laminates’ surface area prevents the breeding of dust mites, micro-organisms and bacteria. Dirt, oil and grime can’t be trapped, as the surface is impenetrable, resulting in a cleaner floor that creates a healthy environment that is ideal for people with allergies.

Laminates are extremely durable as they are resistant to fire, moisture, cigarette burns, scratches, impact dents and chair castors. As for ease of maintenance, laminates can handle almost any stains, spills and dirt and are extremely easy to clean. “Where budget is an important factor in the decision making process. Laminates are a big contender as they are a value for money option,” says Dos Passos. Prices range from R90 to R400 per sqm, offering a wide range of options to suit most budgets try Dekor Floors.

With laminates, the choice of colours and textures is endless, from a variety of exotic wood finishes to shades of brown, beige, reds, blues, pinks, natural whites and distressed greys. The laminate industry keeps up to date with the latest design styles and fashionable colours, therefore you’ll be sure to find laminates that are right on trend. – Antonella Dési

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